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take a second to slow down when you’re looking at these beautiful pictures from kristy anne photography. they are so peaceful, with calm, muted colors - it gives me a sense of peace whenever i look at these photos. like, i am not overwhelmed by so much to do & so much to achieve, but that actually, everything is fine - everything is in control, it’s fine & you can take a minute to enjoy the beauty around you. why, yes- that’s exactly what they feel like.

i have been admiring kristy’s work on insta for a while now, and she was so kind to collab with me & take pictures of these goodies that i sent to her up in manitoba, canada. she is self-taught & obviously has a talented eye. the way she composes each shot & captures the colors of the scene in a mild manner is what draws me to her photography. go take a look at her beautiful feed, i’m sure you will feel the same way!

the verses prints below are from when i participated in the #gratitudeletteringchallenge, last fall (almost a year ago!). i took some of my favorites and turned them into prints and have sold them at some pop-ups around town. let me know if you’d like one of your own! i love writing out scripture with my calligraphy & making it look all nice, these are the words that encourage me daily & i hope i can use my talents to bless others. if you’d ever like your favorite scripture written out in calligraphy, please let me know and i would love to make a print for you!

xo, rachel

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