intro to modern calligraphy workshop in southeast portland

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carter & rose is a beautiful gift shop on division in southeast portland, oregon. i actually used to live right around the corner from it, right before i married luke, but i never visited when i lived. i was so lucky to not only visit their gorgeous space the other day, but to teach a workshop! it was a small intimate class, the saturday before mother’s day. i was hoping that it would be a fun activity for mom & daughters to do together, and i was so happy that one of my friends agreed and brought her mom to the class. i think they paired it with lunch afterwards, and it sounded like the perfect date to me!

carter & rose is run by anna (follow her on instagram, her stories are so fun to watch) who is a ceramicist. one of her signature products are these fun, air plant wall pieces - show below. so practical and low-maintenance for anybody who wants a green wall but can’t remember to water it all the time (me!). she has curated a lovely assortment of other goods that are displayed around the shop. i bought my mom’s a face mask clay, the packaging was oh-so-good-&-clean. anna was also kind enough to offer a discount to all the class students, so if you have been on the fence about attending a workshop - sign up for the next one at carter & rose, so you can learn & shop for less.

i am hoping to plan a class this upcoming december, so keep your eyes peeled - you can sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear about it!

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