tim & shanae


tim & shanae are some of our sweetest friensds and got married at the old schoolhouse in newberg this past summer. it was the perfect day (minus the wind, you’ll see later) and a dream venue! this was a super special wedding for me because not only do i LOVE the bride & groom so much, but my husband, luke, officiated the wedding! it was such a fun celebration.

so the weather was almost perfect, except for some deng wind! we weren’t able to hang the seating chart against the venue wall as we had planned, and had to horribly and awkwardly hang the sign up from the edge of the tent. it was rough (as you can see), but lessons learned - make SURE that you have a hard surface to hang your seating chart against. because as i blogged about earlier, not long after this, a gust of wind came and ripped the sign in half. it was oh-so-sad.

this was my first time making a huge seating chart, and i’m pretty proud of how it turned out! the main thing about seating chart is organization & math. but, once you’ve got everything laid out, it’s pretty easy!

oregon country wedding calligraphy

but, all in all, it was a BEAUTIFUL & wonderful evening! cheers to the happy couple! we love you so much.

and again, alyssa elliott turned me into a bunch of heart eyes with her stunning photos. go hire her!

photography by alyssa elliott.