be my be my be my --

So, Valentine's Day has already passed. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I can't!! I just. Can't!! Time is flying by too fast for me. Too fast. But, thank the LORD that love does not end when Valentine's Day does. ("Thank the LORD!") I miss the days when everyone gave everyone a Valentine's Day card, maybe with some candy if they really liked you, or if they were just into that. And, I loved making the cute box that they would put their cards in! Ahh, the memories. Someday, I'll relive that wonderful time.

For now, here are some cute Valentine's Day ideas I found!

sewn doilies cards via oh, hello friend

valentine's light!!!, fabulous, via design*sponge

plush love bear via kind over matter

awesome awesome fringe heart via ohdeedoh

sooo coool via kind over matter

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Valentine's Day isn't over for me -- so, watch out. You never know when Valentine's Day LOVE will hit you. From me.
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