almost as fun as vintage shopping

Thanks for all your sweet comments about my business cards! I'm glad you liked them. It was fun to make them and fun to share them. :) You all are so encouraging.

I've been studying a lot, but I always study better when I take some breaks to look at inspring things. ;) I've been realizing that it's always hard for me to find time to thrift for things -- so thank goodness for urban outfitters! Haha I am kinda just kidding. There is something not as exciting and fulfilling about buying vintage looking things from urban outfitters. But it definitely doesn't mean that I won't want it, or they don't look nice. They look very nice. Those are some of my favorite things up there. I especially love that little pouch. On sale for $9.99...what do you think about it?

Anyways, my finger got smashed in a door last night so typing is a little hard for me. I'm afraid my nail is going to fall off. I'm not going to post a picture, because it's gross. You're just going to have to trust me on this one!

So, tell me - are you a thrifter or not?
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