It's true. It really is. So, here are some outfit pictures of me? I'm realizing that it's hard to make the camera focus correctly when you have to run out in front of it before the timer flashes. Saving up for a remote now!

My lovely mother sent me this cardigan in the mail the other day and I am super fond of it. Almost like an animal print, but more like paint sloshes - yes. My new favorite thing. Paired it with one of my blouses that ripped at the armpits because it's still cute in the front. Currently majorly overwhelmed with finals and everything of the like, can't decide if I should go with no sleep or no studying -- which is worse for me? Can't wait 'til next Friday, when I'll hopefully be in SAN FRAN! Woohoo. What are your spring break plans?

cardigan: the loft
blouse: american eagle
jeans: bdg
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