Yes. I LOVE this book & am huge fan. I can honestly say that it's changed my life & challenged me in so many ways. I want to read it again. I want you to read it. I want everyone to read it!

I read Don Miller's book last spring. It inspired me to live with passion and to appreciate everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING) that happens in your day-to-day life and to find purpose in it. This book is all about living live with intention, and being purposefully passionate. It's about making your life what you want it and doing something meaningful and inspiring with it. My boyfriend lent it to me last spring, and then I bought it for my mom's birthday this summer. And, now, hopefully, I can get my own copy, thanks to Mr. Don Miller. And you can get your own copy here.

P.S. Don Miller is awesome. He's from Portland and he inspires me. He also wrote Blue Like Jazz and other great books as well. Luke saw him last summer speak and said it was super great. But, DON -- if you're reading this, I'm from Portland too, and I'd love to become friends over a cup of coffee. My treat. Let me know!!

And for all of you lovely readers, please watch this little clip and become inspired! It's only two minutes, but he says everything way better than I ever could and it's a perfect taste of what the book is about. Please please!

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