Hello!! I had three days off of work this past weekend and it was sooo nice. Of course, Luke had to be in LA on my days off, but it was still fun. Lots of family time and lots of craft time!! How was your weekend? I am still in love with Passion Pit and amazed at the nice weather we are having. Can't get enoughhh.

Well, today is an important night because it's the final season premiere of GOSSIP GIRL. What am I going to talk about once it's over??? Luke and I are going to be dressing up as our favorite characters (or my favorite characters): Chuck & Blair -- OF COURSE! Can you believe it? I don't think Luke wants to. But it'll be the best. Found out this weekend that there are only going to be ten episodes this season and that it's going to end in early December. WHAATTT. And here I was blasting through the series on Netflix because I thought I would have another 23 glorious episodes to live through this year. Guess not. So I will have lots of "extra" time to watch Katy Perry's movie like 5 billion times and watch the O.C. again. Just kidding. I'm not that kind of girl -- OR AM I?? ;) ;)